Mirro Dial-A-Cookie Troubleshooting

The Mirro Dial-A-Cookie, with twelve
 shapes on three screw-on disks.
People love their spritz cookies, but would-be bakers sometimes struggle with correct assembly so dough doesn't ooze out; I've learned to include written instructions, but for those who need pictures, these photos show how to assemble your vintage cookie press.

The upturned tabs on the cookie disks are spacers that keep your cookies an even thickness. These tabs need to be pointed away from the knob.

The next thing that can go wrong with assembly is not having the disk slid under the lip. 

Pay attention to the lip on the end of the tube.
The edge of the disk in this photo is not underneath the lip. This is incorrect.

In this photo, the edge of the disk is underneath the lip. This is correct.

This, friends, is how it's done. If you need a cookie press or if you'd like to browse my huge collection of vintage kitchenwares, I'd love to have you visit my shop, Laura's Last Ditch Vintage Kitchenwares.


  1. Makes me want to go grab my cookie press and have a go at making up a batch. Thanks for the perfect pictures, very helpful

  2. Well, who knew! Honestly, I had no idea the tabs were spacers for the cookies. Makes perfect sense now! Thanks for this article.

  3. Never knew you could make animal shaped spritz! Very cool machine.

  4. Believe it or not, I've never used a cookie press. I know, that seems nuts. I'm getting one, now that I have the perfect how-to! Thanks!