Types of Vintage Waffle Iron Cords

Vintage waffle irons come in a variety of appealing shapes and designs; unfortunately, so do the cords, which gets confusing.
Vintage waffle irons at Laura's Last Ditch Vintage Kitchenwares
This post takes the mystery out of the types of vintage waffle iron cords, and will help you figure out what kind you need for your waffle iron, coffee percolator, or other vintage small appliance. 

There are three basic types: 

Left to right: 11/16" spade type (it has oval holes), 11/16" prong type (round holes), 1/2" prong type (round holes). Note: There's also an uncommon cord with 1/2" space for flat spades; it's a very uncommon style and is not shown, but I do see them once in a while.

How they look and how to measure:  


 Measuring is done from the center of one prong or spade to the center of the other. 

11/16" prong spacing

11/16" spade spacing (the left spade is a little off-kilter, so it's not quite 11/16", but you get the idea)
1/2" prong spacing

How to measure the cord ends:

The cord ends are also measured center to center.
This is the 1/2" cord. Because the holes are round, it only fits prongs that are round. It does not fit spades. 

Here's my YouTube video, Types of Vintage Waffle Iron Cords, How to Tell What Kind You Need:

I hope this helps. If you have other questions about small appliance cords, please ask!

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