Mix-and-Match Antique Silverware Draws a Friendly Neighbor

I would be less surprised if something were headed to United Arab Emirates. I sell all over the world, but last night a sweet lady from my town contacted me to ask is she could see my silverware sets in person before deciding which to purchase. She's so close to me that she walked, which helped her avoid the extensive road construction our neighborhood is enjoying this summer.

She brought along some pieces of her grandmother's silverware to see what sets would make a nice mix-and-match arrangement. She settled on an Art Deco set and a more traditional, understated set that would complement her pretty floral silverplate pattern.

The walk home must've seemed longer than the walk here, since she left with two silverware sets and chests under her arm!

She's so happy to be able to use her silverplate when entertaining a larger group and is delighted with the look.

Don't be afraid to mix together multiple sets of silverware - it's just as lovely, and a lot more interesting!
Mismatched silverplate teaspoon sets, $14.99 & up.

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  1. How lovely to actually meet your customer! I bet her walk home had her floating on air!